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Erratum to ‘Coupled fixed point theorems for α-ψ-contractive type mappings in partially ordered metric spaces’

The Original Article was published on 18 December 2012


In this note we present some corrections on our previous paper (Fixed Point Theory Appl. 2012:228, 2012).

In the paper [1], the following corrections are required on pages 3 and 6.

Inequality (3.1) in Theorem 3.4 on page 3 and the same inequality in Theorem 3.5 on page 6 should read as follows:

α ( ( x , y ) , ( u , v ) ) d ( F ( x , y ) , F ( u , v ) ) + d ( F ( y , x ) , F ( v , u ) ) 2 ψ ( d ( x , u ) + d ( y , v ) 2 ) .

The corresponding changes in the proofs of these theorems will lead to the conclusions easily. Moreover, we can easily choose suitable F(x,y) in Examples 3.7 and 3.8 to meet our requirements.


  1. Mursaleen M, Mohiuddine SA, Agarwal RP: Coupled fixed point theorems for α - ψ -contractive type mappings in partially ordered metric spaces. Fixed Point Theory Appl. 2012., 2012: Article ID 228

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